Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wedding Cakes

A few years ago my love of Cupcakes turned into my love of creating wedding cakes.   Why should these amazing small cakes been reserved for every other celebration in life but get so easily forgotten on your Big Day?!

Not only do they taste amazing, they look amazing and they are hugely popular as dessert.   So we said "no" to that tiny slither of cake you get as you leave a wedding reception and we said "YES" to amazing cupcakes created to celebrate your new chapter in life and to be enjoyed by you and your guests with coffee for dessert.

Classic roses ..

Frangipanni's galore ...

Contemporary ...


  1. These look gorgeous! What flavour are they?

  2. They are all mudcakes - some chocolate, white or caramel.

  3. Hi Could I please have quote on a frangipanis galore cupcake wedding cake for approx 60 people. please get back to me at