Friday, March 5, 2010

Donna Hay addiction continues .... Coconut Pancakes (Gluten Free)

With the rain continuing to fall outside we decided on a yummy breakfast ... the coffee goes without saying!

I made Coconut Pancakes with Banana & Passion fruit.   The receipe is from Donnay Hay's latest magazine - February/March 2010.  Seriously, you have to get a copy of this magazine (actually you need every magazine and cookbook she puts out!) ... so many yummy recipes!
You will need:
Self Raising Flour
Caster Sugar
Coconut Milk
Fresh Coconut

As always, the recipe was adapted ...

Adaption #1 ... I used gluten free flour for the pancakes.  I must say that I am a huge believer in the White Wings Gluten Free flour range ... fantastic!   So easy to just swop it for wheat flour in any recipe.   If you've never used gluten free flour before please note that it does tend to go lumpy really easy.   Don't stress ... it will just require a bit more beating.  
Adaption #2 ... I was very excited that this recipe called for passionfruit - our passionfruit vine is finally producing fruit.   I was feeling like a real domestic goddess ... until I realised that the passionfruit had to come off the vine and ripen before I could use it.   Oh well, lucky I had a tin of passionfruit pulp in the cupboard.

Adaption #3 ... Eggs!   Hilarious I got to this part of the recipe and realised I didn't have any.   My man to the rescue .... quick trip to the local IGA.  Thanks Babe!

Adaption #4 ... no fresh coconut in the house ... maybe if I lived in Cairns but no Coconut Trees in Springfield Lakes!   Used flaked coconut out of packet instead.

The result was amazing ... very yummy - very fluffy ... "need to come back for seconds" pancakes.

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