Sunday, March 28, 2010

Not Feeling Like the Cooking Angel

Oh my gosh ... I think I have spent way too much time in the kitchen this past week.   As much as I love cooking, I do get to a stage where I want to boycott the kitchen for a few days!!!   Yesterday was one of those days.

Here is what the few days leading up to Sunday looked like:

Thursday:   Lunch Packs for 100 girls at Sisterhood to raise money
                 for A21 Campaign.

Friday:       Supper for 100 people

Saturday:   Made lunch for the next day (we were going to friends)
                Made 100 cupcakes (pink and blue)
                Fruit platters for 100 people
                Slices for 100 people

                This would have been all fine after a relaxing day, we decided to have an impromtu dinner with family and I didn't start my catering prep until 9pm!!    Cooking spaghetti bologanise at midnight just doesn't seem right!!!

After all this cooking and baking, by the time we got to our friends place on Sunday and all I needed to do was cook gluten free spaghetti and turn cupcakes into fairy cakes I was NOT feeling like the Cooking Angel.  

I turned the spaghetti into what could only be described as a pot of glue, and even when I "cheated" and bought dollop cream to do the cupcakes it wasn't dollop cream at all and still needed to be whipped ... not that it was hard, I just wanted it to be simple!!!   Then while reheating the bolognaise in the microwave it "exploded" and splattered sauce all over Vicki's microwave ... arrrghhh!!!!    I really needed to get out of the kitchen!!  And it is probably worth mentioning that Vicki is married to my husband's boss!!!

So last night for dinner my family made their own toast !!!   And I just wanted a cup of tea.

So there you have it even the Cooking Angel has disaster kitchen days.

Here's to a much better week ....

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