Gluten Free

Earlier this year my daughter was diagnosed with Coeliac's Disease.  After a two year health battle we were actually relieved that there was finally a diagnosis.  Katie has been in and out of hospital with all kinds of weird and wonderful symptoms ... the journey has been a long one but finally a new day dawns, a new chapter unfolds ... better health here we come!

I was totally overwhelmed at what Coeliac's Disease actually meant.  There were hours of "googling" and researching involved.   I found lots of great websites, one of the main ones beings The Coeliac Society of Australia.   There was lots of chatting with friends and family as we unravelled what it meant and how it was going to affect not only Katie's eating but our whole family.

This is definitely going to be a lifelong journey but I must say from the outset that it is one I am thankful for ... the improvement in Katie's health has been phenominal.   Seeing her smiling and full of life and activity inspires me to keep learning and to keep finding new things for her to eat.   I've always loved cooking so I'm really enjoying trying new things.

I'll keep posting tips, recipes and other information.    If you have anything to share I would love to hear from you.

Here's to a wheat-free journey!