Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Confessions of a Cooking Angel

Ok - I must confess .... I don't always stick to my Menu Planner.  Sometimes life just happens and I don't feel like cooking to the plan.   Last night was one of those nights.   I had an early morning catering job ... Breakfast for 25 people - I had a heap of domestic jobs to do - then afternoon tea with my sister, parents and family ... and Andrew was out at a work function.  

On the way home from my sister's, the kids and I took a vote and decided to have a simple dinner - Scrambled Eggs!!!   Katie ate her dinner while doing her homework (she is such a good girl!) and Jethro and I curled up on the lounge together and chatted.  It was fun just to hang with him!

The planned FAJITAS will now get bumped to the next menu planner.

BUT I'm not being a slack angel ... last night was Date Night for Andrew and I.    One night a week we "blob" on the lounge together in front of a good DVD.    I decided to prepare a little treat for us ...

Yummo!!!  I am sure that cheese & chocolate where created in heaven ... just for me!

My treat platter included:

Hint:  I leave cheeses to sit for 1 - 2 hours at room temperature before serving - brings out the flavour.

I love semi dried tomatoes and fetta ... unfortunately we don't have a good deli nearby so I settled for a Woolworths prepackaged variety ... not too bad.

I think South Cape Crispbread is one of the best crackers to serve with cheese ... they are light and don't overpower the cheese.   You really want to taste the cheese NOT the cracker!!

I have to confess as much as I love cheese .... I LOVE CHOCOLATE ... so what cheese platter would be complete without a few pieces ...

And I couldn't think of a better accompaniment to the whole night ....

So, I confess ... I LOVE DATE NIGHT WITH MY MAN xxoo

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